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Authorized Water Tank Dealers for JoJo Tanks

Water Rhapsody dealers have become authorized dealers for JoJo Tanks. Water tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions – ranging from 100 litres through to 15000 litres. The most common tanks are the 2500 and 5000 litre tanks. The newest addition to the JoJo range is the Slimline tank, available in a wide variety of colours The elegant JoJo Slimline is 1800mm x 750mm, holts 750lt of water and fits easily through a regular door frame. Water Rhapsody can install your water tank as well as advise and supply you with the various filters (Rain runners). The full rainwater harvesting system (Grand Opus) is a system that pumps rainwater collected in the water tank, back into your home. For more information contact your Water Rhapsody dealer in the Eastern Cape to get a free quote on tanks or any of our other systems.

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