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Harvest Rainwater with Jojo Tanks!

It’s time to start preparing to harvest rainwater at your house of business. Be ready to collect rainwater for your house, garden, your pool, laundry or for whatever need you might have for rainwater. As Jojo Dealers and one of their listed preferred installers, Water Rhapsody is offering the 2500l and the 5000l at special discount prices in the Eastern Cape! So hurry, order your tank(s) now and we will visit you for a no-obligation quote on the installation thereof. We might be in the unfortunate position of having water restrictions again in the future, so start now becoming independent of Municipal supply. Saving water is an excellent way to show that you care and are willing to do your little bit to help. Whether you store just a small amount to reduce your use of the municipal supply or get off the grid completely,it will be beneficial for the entire community and for future generations.

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