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Rainwater Tanks: Part 2

  Trends in Water Tanks There are many styles of water tanks available, with new innovations coming out all the time. The most common types of tanks are the plastic or polymer tanks which are traditionally been round in shape. These days, manufacturers are working with rectangular or square designs which are often much easier to place within a home and look much less intrusive. These tanks are also available in a huge range of colours, so that they are able to suit any home colour scheme. Steel tanks are still common, also, and these are usually lined with polyethylene in order to prevent corrosion. While round is still the most common shape, it seems that manufacturers are finding new ways to work with steel all the time. Concrete water tanks are best if you need to locate your tank underground. As thy are load-bearing, they are great for placing under things such as driveways and entertaining areas.   More foreign designs: One new innovation in water tank design is to design the tank so that it resembles a boulder or a rock. This allows the tank to be placed unobtrusively within the landscape, so that the casual observer wouldn’t even know … Continue reading

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Wind Turbine for Port Elizabeth

THE Windy City is going to be living up to its reputation.  Two wind farms that will generate a combined 70MW of power are planned for Port Elizabeth – one in the Coega industrial development zone (IDZ) and the other on the outskirts of the city. They form part of a basket of renewable energy projects, worth nearly R2-billion, that the Central Energy Fund (CEF) is developing in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. In addition to the wind farms, the projects include landfill to gas, biogas to energy that is being investigated by Singapore-based company Straits Chemicals, solid waste to energy, a number of sites on the Orange/Fish River Transfer Scheme for micro-hydro-electric projects and several solar projects that include the installation of 120000 solar water heaters across the city. The metro’s director of projects, Peter Neilson, says the wind farm in Port Elizabeth will generate 23MW in the first phase with a possible extension to 100MW, adding that the environmental impact assessment was “progressing well” and once this was finalised and arrangements put in place to raise some R550-million, “the wind farm could be in production by September 2011”. Neilson says there is a “big appetite” among … Continue reading

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Interesting information re Grey Water Recycling

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Grey water is the domestic or household wastewater that comes from the laundry and bathroom. When treated properly this is safe for external use. Toilet water on the other hand is termed ‘black water’ and cannot be reused. Kitchen water is technically grey water; it is treated as black water as it often contains food and grease. Water Rhapsody can help you recycle your household grey water for use on garden beds. It is an excellent way of saving water and saving money! Grey water is available every time you shower or wash with the average house creating up to 83,000 litres of grey water per year. Your grey water is suitable for irrigating most garden areas including ornamental beds and lawns. When watering native gardens remember to use a type of detergent that has low levels or has no phosphorus.  Treatment before irrigation? Plants and soil, especially the upper, most biologically active layer of soil, are fantastically effective for wastewater treatment. Pretreatment is often presented as an essential element in a grey water system, when in fact it may be more pointless than treating your wastewater before sending it down the sewer. Plants and soil are fine with … Continue reading

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Earth Day angers greenies

  An Ohio river so polluted that it caught fire. A spectacular California coastline covered in slimy oil from an offshore drilling snafu. These were the two main events that prompted the first Earth Day event 40 years ago in New York. Now the annual observance is marked everywhere from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. But despite the huge global awareness about environmental issues, activists maintain that the ecological problems are worse than ever.

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Eco-friendly Laundry

 In the process of going green, people need to be informed properly; about available products and which product will suit there needs best. Before making use of your greywater for irrigation purposes, how do you go about making sure that the water being used in the garden will not be harmful to any plants or your lawn? Many atimes, when installing our Garden Rhapsody System, the questions are being raised about what laundry detergent to use and where it is distributed? Even if laundry water is not uses onto your garden, shouldn’t it be our responsibility to switch to the greener option for a healthier lifestyle and making a difference to the environment…..? Why not use conventional laundry detergents? It is made from synthetic petrochemicals that are hard on the environment, and can leave chemical residues on clothing, so the ingredients constantly brush agains our skin, potentially causing rashes and other reactions. Bleaches are made from chlorine, a known carcinogen. Fabric softeners contains chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. Optical brighteners are chemicals that make your clothes appear brighter by leaving a residue that converts UV light into a blue-white light. They have nothing to do with how clean your clothes are, … Continue reading

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