Residents to conserve water supply as two pipelines washed away due to flood

Press Release


August 2, 2012

Executive Mayor Zanoxolo Wayile called on residents of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality to conserve water today as two pipelines that supplies the city with water from the Churchill and Impofu dams collapsed.

Mr Barry Martin, Acting Executive Director of Infrastructure and Engineering, said that repair to the pipes, a 700 mm in diameter steelpipe and a 1 000 mm in diameter concrete pipe in the vicinity of the Van Stadens River Resort.

Since these pipelines supply a third of the water supply to the city, some areas will be affected after approximately 24 hours when reservoirs ran dry.

Areas affected are:

Central, Deal Party, Summerstrand, Humewood, North End, Korsten, Struandale, Mount Pleasant, Lovemore Park, Lovemore Heights, Algoa Park, Struandale, Gelvandale, Gelvan Park and parts of New Brighton and KwaZakhele. When areas run without water residence are urged to call the all hours Operational Centre at 0800 20 5050 in order for water tankers to be dispatched.

Water from the remaining two sources, Loerie and Nooitgedagt (Gariep Dam) are being rerouted to limit the number of areas that will be affected. Staff is already busy with this and large construction equipment is being moved to the damage pipelines for the construction to commence.


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Persistent Rain Expected

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is ready for any eventuality after the South African Weather Office issued a warning of persistent rain and flooding for tomorrow (Friday, July 13) and Saturday. A Joint Operations Centre (JOC), manned by municipal departments, Disaster Management, Fire and Emergency Services, South African Police Services and others, will be established during the course of tomorrow depending on weather conditions.


Boom gates were erected this week in the Newton Park, Third Avenue Dip area which will be closed when water levels rise. This stern action follows after motorists would indifferently remove barriers meant to close the road for their own safety and in the process putting other road users in harms way. Motorists are requested to be extremely cautious when approaching the dip area as the municipality is in the process of erecting more signs.


Residents in the lower lying areas are requested to store dry clothes and blankets in plastic bags that could be used when the need arise to relocate them to nearby facilities.


The Joint Operations Centre, when established, can be reached at 041 501 7980/1.

What a wonderful opportunity to harvest your own rainwater! WR


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Despatch water supply

Press Release

May 25, 2012

E-mail claims of disruption to Despatch water supply over weekend a hoax

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality was made aware of an e-mail being circulated that the water supply to Despatch will be disrupted over the weekend. We would like to inform consumers that this e-mail was not sent out by the municipality as we don’t have any plans to shut down supply to this area over the weekend.

Issued on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality by Media Management Officer Kupido Baron (082 780 2726).

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Bloudruppel Status

KAAPSTAD. – Vier munisipaliteite in die Wes-Kaap kan met van die skoonste drinkwater in die land spog.

Die minister van omgewingsake en waterwese, Edna Molewa, het 8 Mei op ’n nuuskonferensie die vierde Bloudruppel-verslag bekend gemaak wat ’n aanduiding van die gehalte van drinkwater in munisipaliteite gee.

Kaapstad, wat verlede jaar die tweede plek op die lys behaal het, en George wat sewende was, het teruggesak na onderskeidelik sesde en tiende.

Die Gautengse munisipaliteite Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg en Mogale City is die topdrie in die land.

Die departement het in 2008 ’n aansporingsprogram, bekend as Bloudruppel-sertifisering, in werking gestel.

Sedertdien word dit elke jaar gepubliseer en vestig dit die aandag op die sertifisering van waterverskaffingstelsels wat aan streng kriteria gemeet word.

Molewa het gesê die verslag dui ’n beduidende verbetering aan.

“Oor die jare het ons probeer om die skoonste water aan ons mense te verskaf. Suid-Afrika se drinkwater is onder die beste in die wêreld. “Ons tel onder slegs ’n handjievol lande waar jy water uit ’n kraan kan drink.” Sedert 2009 het die gehalte van drinkwater aan die hand van die kriteria van 93,3% tot 97,3% in 2012 verbeter.

Molewa het gesê sy is tevrede met die gehalte van drinkwater in die land, maar dat daar ’n paar munisipaliteite is waaroor sy nog bekommerd is. Sy het Ikwezi en Koukamma, albei in die Oos-Kaap, uitgewys as die twee wat die swakste gevaar het. Kannaland het die swakste in die Wes-Kaap gevaar.


Jammer om te sien dat nie een van die Oos Kaapse stede onder die top tien is nie.

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Water Supply affected in Walmer

Press Release   May 16, 2012

Water supply to several areas affected as leak on Airport runway are fixed

The water supply to Walmer – below 7th Avenue, South End, Forest Hill, Humewood and some surrounding areas, will be affected today as a result of a water leak being repaired on the runway of the Port Elizabeth International Airport. The work could result in some areas having no water and others experiencing low water pressure for at least eight hours.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this unforeseen leak.

Issued on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality by Media Management Officer Kupido Baron (0827802726).


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Relative low water demand

March 7, 2012


Relative low water demand shows that residents heeded conservation call

It is evident that residents are still responding to the call to safe water as the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s demand is relatively low for similar hot periods in the past when the water consumption is normally at its highest, said Standing Committee Chairperson for Infrastructure, Engineering and Energy, Cllr Andile Mfunda.

Water demand is currently still at an average of 250 megaliters per day as oppose to the ±300 megaliters that it can reach during summer.

His statement is especially meaningful as the country is currently celebrating National Water Week, spearheaded by the Department of Water Affairs that will culminate in World Water Day on Monday, 12 March.

 Cllr Mfunda thanked all citizens on behalf of the Municipality for their support in conserving water during the drought. “As part of the drought, we focused on Water Conservation and Water Demand Management, boreholes, the Nooitgedaght Low Level Scheme (NLLS) and a desalination plant. These four key areas will remain important into the immediate future.

“The NLLS is progressing well and completion of Phase 1 is scheduled for October 2012 with Phase 2 schedule for completion in July 2013 depending on the availability of funds. Desalination remains a long term intervention that the NMBM is pursuing to secure water for the future,” Mfunda added.

The ability of the NMBM to respond to water wastage is linked to the fact that all these incidents must be recorded at 0800 20 5050. Residents are therefore urged to continue reporting water and sanitation problems at this number. According to Cllr Mfunda much improvement has been achieved in this area, but much more can be done to improve this situation and thereby improve service delivery.

“The NMBM is committed to conserve its water resources for the future and therefore call on its citizens to walk with us to achieve this goal for our future generations,” Mfunda added. Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s well-known water conservation mascot, Thontsi, is still currently active to inform passersby of water saving tips as part of National Water Week.

Issued on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality by Media Management Officer Kupido Baron (082 780 2726/041 502 0000).



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GREEN FUND RUN 2012 – Grahamstown

Help to improve environmental sustainability at Rhodes and in Grahamstown

The Rhodes University Green Fund is designed to promote environmental sustainability at Rhodes and in Grahamstown more generally. This is a great opportunity for Grahamstown NGO’s to be part of the Grahamstown community and engage rivals through a team challenge. The idea is to challenge rivals (or friends) to enter and even race against each other.  Ideally, the losing team would make a donation of a mutually agreed penalty to the Green Fund.  Therefore, please:

–          encourage your staff and members to participate in the Green Fund Run, and

–          challenge competitors to enter the race.

The relay race

The race is at 4:30 pm on Sunday 18th March 2012 starting at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens on Lucas Street, Grahamstown.  The Green Fund Run is in the form of a relay of 3 legs.  Therefore, there will typically be 3 members per team each completing a distance of about 1.7 km (total distance = 5 km), but some teams may wish to have more than 1 member per leg while others may wish to have members complete more than 1 leg.  Therefore, team size may vary depending upon individual preferences.  Participants may walk or jog – teams are expected to complete the course in an hour.


Teams (ideally 3 members) or individuals are welcome enter the 5 km fun run/walk event. To enter, each participant is asked to make a minimum donation of R10 (see entry form). Entries will be taken:

–          Friday 16th March at a registration table outside the Rhodes University Library (09h00-15h00), or

–          Sunday 18th March, at least 30 minutes before the start, or

–          through deposits into the RU Green Fund account 621-455-03076, FNB branch code 210717, with reference “55258 769 372 + name of person/company”. Please bring proof of payment on the day as participants will be presented with a symbolic ticket.


Certificates and symbolic prizes (a tree planted in honour of the achievement) will be awarded for:

–          Winning teams/individuals (first, second, third).

–          Best and second-best outfit – a weird, wild or wonderful outfit depicting world leaders’ lack of leadership on the issue of environmental sustainability,


For more information, entry forms, challenge forms or adverts, please contact Zelda Kirstein ( or Fred Ellery ( or phone 046 603 7002/3.

Opportunities to advertise

Organisations  are encouraged to advertise on the lawn at the start / finish of the race. You may advertise what you do or upcoming events. Please provide whatever you need to place a free-standing advert on race day, such as poles, pegs, ropes etc.  Hope to see you there!!

More info:


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Possibly Steep Municipal Increases during 2012

Residents may have to brace themselves for steep increases when the new municipal service charge comes into effect on July 1 this year.

It is expected that electricity will increase with a massive 25% , while rates and service charges are set to increase with between 12% and 14 %. This according to information received from DA Ward 2 Councillor, Dean Biddulph, with regard to the 2012/2013 Draft Budget that will be tabled at a joint meeting of the Mayoral Executive Committee and Budget and Treasury Committee on March 14.

An outraged Mr. Kobus Gerber, chairman of the Rate Payers Association in the metro said, “I find it ironic that the Municipality would table such proposed increases while the previous increases are still being disputed”. According to him the increased bankruptcy of businesses, leading to excessive job losses should indicate that the metro’s economy cannot sustain any further increases. “They are only impoverishing the public and halting the economy”.

Gerber said in difficult economic time, rate payers need alleviation, but instead the municipality is ‘milking the cow dry’. “Should they hike rates and taxes further beyond the means of individuals and businesses; the economy will undoubtedly be destroyed beyond repair’. He said the reason for the steep hikes is directly related to misappropriation of funds and bad business decisions by municipality individuals. “The metro should be run like a business, but the people in charge have no business skills or clue of how to run it successfully. Projects are approved to the value of millions of rands and then either fail halfway through the development phase or are completed and result in very expensive white elephants all around town”.

He said the only way in which the situation can be turned around is if individuals within the municipality is brought to justice for bad decision making resulting in emptying the public’s pockets to make up for losses. Gerber said the rate payers association currently has 18 actions against the municipality and hopes to bring all of these to court successfully. “We will be doing everything within our power to keep these increases to affordable levels.” said Biddulph. “The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality had spent 19.5% of its total budget of just over R8 billion by the end of the first quarter of the current financial year. Figures released by the National Treasury indicate that this figure is slightly higher than for the same period last year. The figures show that the Metro had spent R1.4 Billion of its operating budget of R6.6 Billion and R126.4 million of its capital budget of R1.4 billion,” said Buddulph.

Consider installing a Solar Geyser which will save 70%-80% of the electricity used for water heating. Contact Frans at 082 7712 062 or Ansie at 082 851 9761 from Yes Solar.


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Disruption in Water Supply

Residents requested to save water as transformer malfunction could affect supply

Residents from large parts of Nelson Mandela Bay could experience the disruption in their water supply by lunch time today after an electrical transformer at the Loerie Water Treatment Works malfunctioned last night.

This affects the pumping of water to some of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s supply reservoirs.Repairs to the transformer is under way but it is unlikely that power will be restored before 14:00 today.

The affected areas are Westering, Framesby, Sunridge Park, Kabega Park, Cotswold, Linton Grange, Lorraine, Ben Kamma, Kamma Park, Weybridge Park, Kragga Kamma, Sherwood, Kunene Park, Rowallan Park, Shauderville and Malabar.

Residents from these areas are requested to urgently cut the non-essential use of water.

Issued on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality by Media Management Officer Kupido Baron (082 780 2726/041 502 0000).


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