Solution to Bloemfontein Water Crises

Water tanks in Bloemfontein

Water Pumps in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is experiencing another  water crisis.  The latest supply problems are due to the sluice gates at Mockes Dam being blocked by debris, tree branches and mud as the dam level reached an all-time low because of heat wave and drought conditions.Maselspoort

Residents in high-lying areas will have some water during the morning but as the day progress, the pressure and supply desiccate.Mockes Dam

This problem will also not go away soon as the infrastructure needs a major revamp.  Pumps needs to be imported and the necessary skills and experience are lacking.

Therefor it is critical that residence must do what they can to conserve water and implement water harvesting systems to alleviate the strain on the ill maintained infrastructure.

Green Overall is the leader in Water Conservation systems that include:

  • ·         Rain Water Harvesting
  • ·         Grey Water Systems
  • ·         Poolside tank
  • ·         Multi-Flush Toilet systems

We also install water tanks with a pump system to act as a buffer reservoir for times of low pressure or water outages.

Contact us for more information on how to take control of your own water situation.

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