Why is Water Rhapsody your answer?

  1.   Are you conscious about saving water?
  2.   Do you want to be self sufficient and not reliable on the municipality for both the quality and quantity of your water supply?
  3.   Not receiving constant water pressure from the municipality?


Then Water Rhapsody is your answer.

We specialize in the manufacturing and installation of Water Conservation Systems and have 16 years of experience behind us. Our Systems include:

  • Garden Rhapsody– Grey Water Diverter
    • Re-use your bath, shower and laundry water to irrigate your garden-automatically.
  • Grand Opus– Rainwater Harvesting system
    • Harvest clean rainwater and use this water instead of municipality water.
  • Second Movement  
    • Grey water for toilet flushing.
  • Multi Flush Toilet system
    • Allows you to use the least amount of water to clean the pan.
  • Pool Side tank
    • Recycle your pool’s backwash water back into your swimming pool.
  • Poseidon Advantage Series
    • Recycling of large industrial grey water producers like car wash bays.

The installations can be as simple as a gutter-to-tank installation or as intricate as an Uninterrupted Pressurized Water Supply (UPWS) system, ensuring you against any water outages.

For more information visit our website at www.watersafe.co.za, mail us on info@watersafe.co.za or call us on 082 7712 062/082 851 9761.

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