Go Green in 4 Weeks!


Four weeks doesn’t sound like a long time, but by making small changes every day for a month you will be able to tackle the task of Going Green with ease.


Day 1: Start with you paper.

While there are many household items you can recycle, start with a commonly used material. Recycling paper is easy because it does not require anything much else but sorting. Simply contact Mondy Paper Pick-up and find out more about their paper pickup scheme.

Day 2: Bring your own bag.

Elimination the need for plastic shopping bags is a great way to reduce waste and will save you money. There is no need to buy one of those reusable bags that the shops have for sale, as you probably have a suitable bag at home already.

Day 3: Turn of the tap.

Make sure that all your taps completely close every time you use them. Leaking taps waste litres and litres of water unnecessarily. Change your habits and don’t let taps run in the bathroom, while you are brushing your teeth, shaving or in the kitchen, when preparing food.

Day 4: Eliminate paper/plastic cups from your life.

Have your favourite coffee mug or reusable water bottle on hand at all times. Use these instead of paper/plastic cups and reduce the amount of waste you produce.

Day 5: Walk

Fin at least one neighbourhood destination you can travel to on foot. This will help you save petrol and the environment by walking there instead of firing up you ‘petrol guzzler’.

Day 6: Switch it off.

When you leave for work in the morning or a night on the town, save money and energy by turning off your non-essential lights. Also turn off lights when leaving a room, placing reminders on your light switches can help you remember until you get into the habit of doing so.

Day 7: Dine in.

If you frequently eat out or get take aways try to cut back at least one or two meals out of the week. Preparing your own food reduces food container waste immensely.


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