Water Costs in Nelson Mandela Metro

Residential consumers should be aware of the fact that water charges are calculated based on daily average consumption. The July and August reading dates for your meter appear on you July statement; alternatively a copy of your statement is obtainable at your nearest Customer Care Centre.

Residents are currently paying R8.27 daily for the first  500 litres use. For 300 litres more, you pay R16.73. If you use 800 litres more, you pay R33.45. Next moth the tariffs are as follows:  For the first 800 litres used daily, you pay R6.60. For the next 800 litres you pay R8.27 and for the next 1000 litres you pay R9.82. For more than this you pay R16.73 per 1000 litres.

For more info, contact the Customer Care Helpline on 041 – 506 5555 or email customercare@mandelametro.gov.za

– Port Elizabeth Express, 3 Aug’11

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