Dangers of Water

polluted-waterWhat is the Single Most Dangerous Use of Water?

The most dangerous ‘use’ is the agricultural, industrial and municipal pollution that threatens human health. Pollution is very insidious because it  often happens out of sight and out of mind. The water that runs from farm fields, factories, or municipal wastewater treatment plants may enter rivers or groundwater. When we draw that water from streams or pump it from the ground we also get those contaminants.polluted water2

Major solutions to solving these water problems across the planet today are: 1) reducing nutrient and pesticide pollution (from our agriculture, our lawns, driving our cars, and destroying our wetlands); 2) reduce sewage pollution; 3) improve storm water management and watershed monitoring; 4) stop deforestations; 5) stop coastal development; 6) reduce pollution from oil and petroleum liquids; 7) reduce mercury emissions; 8.) clean up mining practices; 9) clean up chemical pollution; 10) stop global warming.

What is the Biggest Misuse of Water?

On a global scale; the excessive pumping of groundwater. It is most scary in India and China, which rely on large-scale, industrialized agricultur to feed their huge populations. They with f\draw more groundwater than Mother Nature provides reliably each year. The aquifers are declining. This is pretty straight forward: the world is pumping more water from the ground than is sustainable, more than is being refilled by nature. Eventually, if things do not change, these groundwater sources will be pumped dry.

We need to change the way we are using water and the amount of water we are pulling from the ground, in additon to addressing larger ecological and climate issues that have and impact on our water supply as well, if our future generation are going to have the water they need for life itself.

Water drop


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