Gauteng aims to promote green entrepreneurship

 JP du Plessis |

Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane on Wednesday said the provincial government approved the launch of the Gauteng Employment, Growth and Development Strategy (GEGDS)Nomvula Mokonyane

The plan focuses on five so-called pillars, ranging from economic transformation and improved efficiency to community sustainability and improving social cohesion.

The GEGDS initiative will also encourage entrepreneurship in environmentally driven job creation and the development of sustainable energy sources.

Mokonyane said the province could also expect to see a governance overhaul.


“We also the report on the reconfiguration of the Gauteng provincial government to ensure that government is appropriately organised to achieve its strategic objectives with greater integration and alignment between different strategic focus areas,” said the premier.

 – Way to go! Both for conserving natural resources and the future of South Africa

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