Proposed water tariff hike on cards

 The Amathola Water Board is proposing an 8.8 percent water tariff increase to its main recipients, which means that consumers in Buffalo City and areas under the Amathole District Municipality can expect further increases in tariffs, reports Msindisi Fengu.

Amatola Water Board finance director Craig Step said the proposed increase should be viewed in the context of increases in major inputs such as electricity, bulk water purchases from the Department of Water Affairs and worker’s salaries.

“The tariff increases could have some impact on the final pricing by municipalities, which could then be projected to the end user (residents). As water boards are part of the water value chain, any changes effected would have an effect on the rest of the components of this value chain,” he said.

Step said the increase would also affect police stations, clinics, schools and industrial clients

 – Daily Dispatch, 10 May 2010

Water drop

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