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Municipalities battling to manage human waste will be scrutinised by the state.Buyelwa Sonjica

Water Affairs Minister Buyelwa Sonjica on Friday vowed a turn-around strategy will be implemented, to improve performance.

Her ministry released its Green Drop Report on Thursday examining the state of waste water treatment plants countrywide.

Most local authorities have been found wanting.

The report painted a shocking state of affairs at sewage plants countrywide. It suggested most of the plants could be described as either poor or non-functional.

South Africa’s 852 sewage plants and pipelines treat and transport about eight billion litres of waste water daily.

Sonjica estimated her department will need more than a R100 billion over the next three years, to tackle shortcomings.

“We will be introducing alternative waste water treatment technologies in some municipalities. We are going to have a programme of coaching the municipalities because some do not have the necessary capacity,” said Sonjica.

She added municipalities that have failed to comply with the required sewage treatment standards will be under close surveillance.

Read he Green Drop Report for the Eastern Cape at this link:

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