Michelle Garforth-Venter’s Conservation Tips:

Going Waterwise in the Garden     Indigenous Garden

  • You should be watering your garden very early in the morning or in the early evening as this helps reduce and prevent evaporation and allows for moisture to be taken in by the soil.
  • Only water ones or twice a week: having an indigenous garden makes this tip an easy one – remember that when watering your garden it is important to thoroughly soak it as this will allow deeper soil penetration and encourage deeper root growth, which in turn promotes a plant’s ability to survive in long periods of drought.
  • Plant indigenous: it need far less water than exotics, and the added benefit of an indigenous garden is that you will then encourage a huge variety of beautiful birds to visit and spend time in you garden.
  • Group plants with thw same or similar water needs together in the same beds, this will ensure that you don’t over-water drought-resistant plants and under-water the thirsty plants.
  • Use your lawn efficiently: a well maintained green lawn is definitely beautiful but by far the biggest water consumer. Consider reducing your lawn size by cutting out any unnecessary sections or replacing sections with beds for drought-resistant plants and also remember never to cut your lawn too short as the shorter the grass the more water can evaporate from the soil.

Article from Simply Green Magazine: www.simplygreen.co.za

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